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12-Cup Mr. Coffee
Power Serve BVMC-ZH1
Mr Coffee Power Serve Dispenser

red x Most people don't like it!

3.0 out of 5 stars 3.0/5      50 reviews

between $50 and $100 $50 to $100 USD

The Power Serve Mr Coffee coffee maker holds your brew in a sealed chamber, and dispenses directly into your mug. No carafe involved.

Owners sum it up:

Broke twice. Won't buy it again ..........Peg

The reservoir keeps the coffee hot without causing it to develop a burned taste or becoming bitter ..........NJC

Product Details

Owners like the convenience of this carafeless unit, and are especially pleased that the chamber keeps coffee nice and hot without burning.

Unfortunately, decent ratings for this brewer-dispenser are dragged down by too many instances of brewer failure.


dispensing right into mug

Instead of a carafe, this unit brews into a sealed chamber. You slide a mug under the spout and depress a pedal to dispense coffee into your mug. (Picture a self-serve soda machine at a convenience store.) A removable drip tray catches any spills.

The sealed chamber keeps coffee fresh and drinkably hot. The front of the chamber features a window so you can view how much is left.

Locking mechanisms at the top keep the chamber securely in place. To remove, you unlock, and simply slide the chamber in and out of the unit. You can use the chamber itself to fill the water reservoir, but most users find this cumbersome and use a different container.

lower chamber for brewed coffee use chamber to fill reservoir
lower chamber for brewed coffee upper chamber for cold water
brew basket and reservoir opening
brew basket, reservoir opening, and showerhead

Under the hood you will find the water reservoir, brew basket and swing-arm shower head. The reservoir can use a Mr. Coffee water filter, and has water level markings. The basket takes cupcake-style paper filters or a permanent filter.

A Pause & Serve function lets you dispense a cup before the brew cycle ends. Auto Off turns the brewer off 2 hours after brewing. Audible alarms sound at the end of the brew cycle, and when Auto Off invokes.

There is cord storage at the back of the unit. No parts are dishwasher safe. A 1 year warranty completes the package.


clock and Auto On function
control panel

Delay Brew - or "Auto On" - is the only programming feature available on this Mr Coffee coffee maker. The control panel has a digital clock, buttons for programming the clock and the Delay Brew, and an On/Off button.

Filter Basket

Select units include a permanent gold tone filter as a bonus. But it is not a standard inclusion with brewer purchase.

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Product Specifications

Manufacturer Mr Coffee (Jarden Corporation)
Model #BVMC-ZH1    (stainless steel)
#BVMC-ZH1B   (black)
Avg Rating 3.0 stars 3.0 out of 5
Number of reviews 50
Price Range between $50 and $100 $50 to $100 USD
Max Cup 12
Programmable Y
Auto Off Y 2 hours
Thermal Carafe N
Pause & Serve Y
Filter Type flat-bottomed cupcake style
Warranty 1 year

User Manual

Click image to view or download User Manual
pdf file User Manual for Power Serve
from Mr Coffee

Pros and Cons - What Real Owners Like and Dislike

Overall do not like it


bullet Hot temperature. Owners feel the sealed chamber keeps brewed coffee at the perfect temperature, "amazingly hot", without burning. The chamber design means no preheating a thermal carafe and no burning and evaporating on a warming plate.
bullet Most consumers are pleased with the taste. (But a few found a strong plastic taste.)
bullet The water reservoir fill area is nice and wide. Fill line indicators are very easy to see.
bullet Owners agree that this Mr Coffee coffee maker is all-around easy to use: easy to program, fill, and clean.


bullet Unfortunately, many consumers find that this Mr Coffee coffee maker doesn't last very long. There were numerous reports that the unit just stopped working within weeks, or even days of use. Some experience problems with the pump making strange noises and refusing to dispense.
bullet Owners note that the lower chamber viewing window is useless. It is opaque and soon becomes discolored by coffee, making it impossible to determine how much is left.
bullet The plastic coffee chamber itself racks up some complaints. First, it is plastic. Your hot brew is sitting right in the plastic. People are worried about health implications. Secondly, because the plastic is very dark in color, it is impossible to see if it is really clean.
bullet The large size of this unit is a disappointment to many. It takes up a lot of space on the counter and is not easy to store away.
bullet Some find the dispenser pedal very difficult to depress. You have to press very hard with your mug, sometimes to the point of moving the unit around on the counter.

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(Dec 9, 2012) Anonymous said:
I make multiple pots per day, and have had the unit about 12 months. My only complaint is that the lid has cracked and I am looking for a replacement.
(Aug 2, 2012) Anonymous said:
Bought this product today at Walmart and will return it tomorrow. It is just short of impossible to depress the pedal to dispense the liquid. Glad I checked this out on the initial water cycle before wasting coffee.
(Mar 7, 2012) Anonymous said:
I bought this coffee maker 3 months ago and it worked great until 2 days ago when the dispenser stopped working. Very annoying!!

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