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B60 Special Edition Brewing System

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Keurig B60 Special Edition

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4.1 out of 5 stars 4.1/5      2,731 reviews

between $100 and $200 $100 to $200 USD

The B60 Special Edition Keurig coffee maker offers the ultimate in convenience, with the ability to brew a cup in under one minute, at the touch of a button.

Owners sum it up:

It is, hands down, the most effortless way of getting coffee ..........ege

it's great to see a company stand behind their products...we couldn't be happier with the customer service we received from Keurig! ..........H Adams

I love the concept and the brewer's design, but given the price of the brewer, the reliability issues are unacceptable ..........MR

Product Details

Keurig brewing systems

Many consumers adore the convenience factor, and are quickly "hooked" on this machine, claiming they can never go back to measuring and messes of the automatic drip.

This Keurig coffee maker does have some history of malfunction, though not as bad as the problems plaguing the B70 Platinum Edition Keurig coffee brewer.

Keurig makes great strides in redeeming itself with excellent customer service and always honoring its warranty.


K cups in a carousel

The patented single serving beverage packet used in all Keurig single cup coffee makers is called the K-Cup. There are over 200 varieties of K-Cups from which to choose, including teas, hot chocolate, and other beverages.

In addition, there are several ways to use your own ground coffee in these brewing systems.

Read more about K-Cups, K-Cup varieties, and using your own ground coffee in your Keurig single cup coffee maker


K-Cup holder
Insert K-Cup

The B60 Keurig coffee maker must be primed before first use. Priming simply consists of introducing water to the machine, and running it through without a K-Cup in place.

Hot Water

This Keurig coffee maker also dispenses hot water for cooking - simply brew the desired cup size without inserting a K-Cup.

Each time the unit is powered on, it takes about four minutes for the water to heat. A "Ready to Brew" message appears once the water is ready.


Brewing takes place right in the K-Cup container, so there is no taste transfer between cups.

needles puncture K-Cup
inside the K-Cup

After that, brewing is a very simple process. Simply insert a K-Cup into the K-Cup holder and close the holder lid.

Inside, the K-Cup is punctured with needles from both the top and bottom. Hot water flows in through the top opening, and brewed beverage flows out through the bottom right into the waiting mug.

Once you close the lid, you have 60 seconds to press one of the cup size buttons, which begins the brewing process. (If you miss the 60 second window, simply open and close the lid again.)

Brewing takes less than one minute, and ends with a burst of air that forces all moisture from the K-Cup. The brewing system takes only 15 seconds to heat more water before it can brew the next cup.


removable reservoir
standard 48 oz reservoir

The standard water reservoir on the B60 has a 48 ounce capacity, and is removable.

Extra Large Reservoir

An extra-large reservoir, with a 73 ounce capacity, is available for purchase separately, as an accessory.

When the water level gets low, a blue light that shines up through the reservoir will blink, and the LCD panel will show an "ADD WATER" message.

The unit features a drip tray that can be removed to accommodate travel mugs.

removable drip tray
removable drip tray

The K-Cup holder, funnel, and drip tray assembly are top-rack dishwasher safe, at low temperature. The rest of the machine, including the water reservoir, must be hand washed or wiped.

Keurig provides a one year warranty covering defects in materials or workmanship under normal home use.

Bells and Whistles

control panel
LCD message center

A blue backlit LCD message center shows the time, reports the brewer's status, and has indicators if water or descaling is needed.

Brew temperature: preset at 192F degrees. It can be adjusted downward to 187F to produce a cooler cup.

Digital clock

Auto On / Auto Off: Keurig recommends that you leave the brewer on at all times, but offers several options for those who want to save energy or are not comfortable with leaving it on all the time:

  • Auto On can be set to turn the machine on at a specified time of day. This way, the water will be heated and ready to brew when you want. You still have to push the "Brew" button and wait about a minute for brewing.
  • Auto Off can be programmed for a specified time of day. The machine will turn itself off. If you want to brew after this, you will have to wait the four minutes for the water to heat again.
  • Auto Off can be programmed for 1 - 9 hours after the last brew.
Special Edition brewing

Cup Size: The B60 Keurig coffee maker offers three cup size selections. Cup size affects the intensity of the flavor. It adds more or less water to the same amount of coffee. To get a larger quantity of brew with the same intensity, you will have to brew more than one K-Cup.

Cup Size Options:

  • 5.25 oz = small cup
  • 7.25 oz = small mug
  • 9.25 oz = large mug

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Product Specifications

Manufacturer Keurig
Model #B60 Special Edition
Avg Rating 4.1 stars 4.1 out of 5
Number of reviews 2,731
Price Range between $100 and $200 $100 to $200 USD
Max Brew 9.25 oz
Programmable Y
Auto Off Y time of day or nbr of hrs after last brew
Thermal Carafe N
Pause & Serve N
Filter Type n/a
Warranty 1 year

User Manual

Click image to view or download User Manual
pdf file Owner Guide for Keurig
Special Edition B60

Pros and Cons - What Real Owners Like and Dislike

Overall like it


bullet Consumers are hooked on the convenience offered by the B60 Keurig coffee maker.
  bullet This machine is easy to use and provides instant gratification. Pop in a K-Cup, press one button, and you have your beverage in under a minute.
  bullet No grinding, no measuring grounds, no measuring water, no filters, no mess, virtually no cleanup, and very little waiting.
  bullet Easy cleanup. Popular Mechanics found the B60 Special Edition Keurig coffee maker to be the easiest to clean of the 8 leading single serve machines they tested, and owners agree. This machine requires no daily maintenance. The occasional wipe-down and washing of removable parts is a breeze.
  bullet Brewing one serving at a time means reduced waste. You brew exactly what you need and do not end up pouring half a pot down the drain.
bullet Owners find this brewer very versatile. It fits their needs in many situations, and they often end up using it even more than anticipated. It is great for households where there is just one coffee drinker and households where there are multiple coffee drinkers whose tastes differ. It has kid-friendly options. It also dispenses hot water.
bullet The variety and availability of K-Cups is another strength. In addition to coffee, there are teas, hot chocolates and other beverages available - many with gourmet labels. Good availability both locally and on-line. Consumers find it fun to try different flavors.
bullet Though some consumers disagree, many think this Keurig coffee maker produces high-quality brews that taste great. Results are easily reproducible, and every cup is like that great first cup of the pot.
bullet Keurig's customer service wins high marks from many consumers. The service reps will talk you through troubleshooting procedures, and they don't hesitate to send out replacements for brewers that malfunction inside the warranty period. Owners who call for help early on a Sunday morning, or after 9 pm on Saturday night, for example, are impressed that the phone is answered by an actual person who is ready to help them right then.


bullet There are significant reports of problems with the water pumps on this Keurig coffee maker. The pump will stop working within a few months of purchase. Sometimes, users see the hot water flowing back into the reservoir instead of through the K-Cup holder, resulting short-cupping. Some consumers receive multiple replacement machines, and each malfunctions in the same way.
bullet Some consumers experience other minor malfunctions and maintenance issues (electrical problems, clogged needle), and end up spending a lot of time fiddling with this machine. Online research, calls to customer service, descaling, trying different "fixes" all make this "convenience" appliance very inconvenient. Though not an overwhelmingly frequent complaint - it is an important one; users get very irritated after spending 20 minutes on a busy morning trying to get this machine to produce a one-minute cup of coffee.
bullet Some consumers think Keurig brewers just do not produce good-tasting coffee.
  bullet The brew is just not strong enough for some, even on the smallest cup setting. One calls the three cup-size settings "Weak, Weaker, and Weakest." Some users have the best luck with "bold" K-Cup varieties, which hold 30% more ground coffee.
  bullet Some think that the very quick brew time is not enough time for proper extraction. The resulting brew is thin, lacking in richness and body.
  bullet Other users think the taste is acceptable, but no better than a $20 automatic drip machine. Since the cost of this Keurig coffee maker is higher, and the price per serving of ground coffee is higher, they expect to be able to brew a tastier cup of coffee.
bullet There were some complaints about a bad seal, and some leaking when using the DIY K-Cups, even Keurig's own version, the "My K-Cup."
bullet K-Cups are not recyclable at this time.

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