Dual Coffee Maker Reviews

A dual coffee maker most frequently refers to a type of "double" automatic drip coffee maker.

A double pot coffee maker goes a long way toward keeping the peace in a household or office where preferences differ - where some like caffeinated and some need decaf, or some prefer a mild brew and others a bold, dark roast.

You get the flexibility of having two separate brewers, without sacrificing the countertop real estate that two individual appliances would occupy.

Dual Pot Coffee Maker
a dual carafe coffee maker

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Dual Coffee Maker Reviews

Kitchen Selectives CM-202 Kitchen Selectives Dual Carafe Coffee Maker #CM-202 coffee maker reviews
Consumer Rating: rating 4.5 out of 5 4.5 out of 5
Overall Opinion: Green Check Mark Owners like it
Price Range: cheap coffee maker $50 to $100
Krups Duo Thek #324 Krups Duo Thek Dual Carafe Coffee Maker #324 coffee maker reviews
Consumer Rating: 3.1 out of 5 3.1 out of 5
Overall Opinion: red x Owners don't like it
Price Range: coffee maker review Over $200

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How Does a Dual Carafe Coffee Maker Work?

The dual coffee makers in today's market use the same brew method as a regular automatic drip machines.

Dual pot brewers share some internal mechanics, but have all the separate components necessary to be able to brew two different batches either independently or simultaneously.

Like many toasters, some dual carafe machines designate which side is to be used when just brewing one batch.

Dual Coffee Maker Diagram

So, using one side or both, the brew steps are the same as in a single automatic drip coffee maker:

  1. Add cold water to the water reservoir
  2. Roasted, ground coffee beans go in a filter, which sits in the brew basket
  3. Turn the coffee maker on. Water is heated and then poured over the coffee grounds. The coffee's oils, flavors and color are extracted.
  4. Brewed coffee exits the brew basket into a serving carafe.

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Dual Carafe Coffee Makers: Pros and Cons


green arrow A dual coffee maker allows you to brew two different varieties at one time. Great for households where coffee preferences differ, and dinner parties. Just a few of the possible combinations:
  bullet regular coffee and decaf
  bullet coffee and tea
  bullet coffee and hot water
  bullet regular coffee and flavored coffee
  bullet mild roast coffee and dark roast coffee
bullet Prevents flavor contamination that occurs from using a single machine to brew two varieties in succession.
bullet Dual pot coffee makers are good for large groups. Both pots can brew simultaneously, so everyone can have a first serving without waiting on a second batch.
bullet Never an empty pot. You don't have to wait for a pot to empty before brewing the next.
bullet For some consumers, the fact that a dual carafe brewer only uses one electrical outlet is a big plus (as opposed to running two separate machines, using two outlets.)


bullet The limited selection of dual coffee pots is the biggest drawback for those who want them. Both DeLonghi and Gevalia used to offer dual models, but have discontinued them.
bullet The typical complaints about the extraction process of automatic drip brewers apply here: water temperature not hot enough, wrong extraction length, etc.

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