Cuisinart Percolator Review: Classic 12 Cup Stainless Steel Percolator PRC-12

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12 Cup Cuisinart Percolator Model #PRC-12
12-Cup Perk Pot

red X Most don't people like it!

2.9 of 5 stars 2.9/5      287 reviews

priced $50 - $100 $50 to $100 USD

Though the retro look and nostalgic perking sounds delight owners of this Classic Cuisinart percolator, most are disappointed with taste, temperature, and durability.

Owners sum it up:

There is no control over the time of percolation which for whatever reason has been designed to be too short. The coffee comes out weak ..........Anthony S

The base FELL OFF! I am not kidding. Ridiculous ..........LJ

On the upside it is a beautiful pot to look at, shines great. ..........SKRT

Product Details


stainless steel
inside parts are stainless steel

With a 12 cup capacity, the #PRC-12 "Classic" Cuisinart percolator is one of the larger perk pots available today.

The brewer features a stainless steel body with a retro profile. All internal parts are made of stainless steel, including the permanent filter basket.

A generous ergonomic handle with knuckle guard makes for easy lifting and pouring.

fill lines for water fill lines for ground coffee
fill lines for water fill lines for ground coffee

There are measurement indicators on both the pot (for water) and the basket (for ground coffee).

see-through knob
see-through knob

The unit's lid features a clear knob, so you can see coffee percolating. Some owners find a glass knob, while others end up with knobs made of plastic. The lid locks in place for smooth pouring.

The Cuisinart percolator base is made of stay-cool plastic to prevent surface damage. An indicator light on the base signals brewing completion.

The power cord is detachable. Attach the cord for brewing and warming. Detach for serving.

The body of this coffee maker must be hand-washed. Internal parts are top-rack dishwasher safe.

Cuisinart provides a three year warranty.

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Product Specifications

Manufacturer Cuisinart
Model #PRC-12
Avg Rating 2.9 stars 2.9 out of 5
Number of reviews 287
Price Range between $50 and $100 $50 to $100 USD
Max Cup 12
Programmable N
Auto Off N
Thermal Carafe N
Pause & Serve N
Filter Type stainless steel permanent filter;
standard percolator paper filter (optional)
Warranty 3 years

User Manual

Click image to view or download User Manual
pdf file User Manual for #PRC-12 Percolator Coffee Maker by Cuisinart

Pros and Cons - What Real Owners Like and Dislike

Overall don't like it


bullet Consumers love the retro look and great perking sound.
bullet Coffee percolates quickly and stays hot for hours.
bullet The percolator's spout is well-designed. It pours nicely.
bullet Most find it easy to clean.


bullet This Cuisinart percolator racks up complaints about weak brew. Brewed coffee was likened to "brown water".
  bullet Owner troubleshooting revealed that weak coffee often resulted if the unit's lid was not lined up absolutely perfectly.
  bullet Some find the coffee too weak even when the lid is on correctly. They feel the pre-programmed brew cycle is simply too short to achieve anything but a watery brew.
bullet Some consumers reported problems with the heating element, even while the pot was very new. The heating element cracks or simply burns out and does not function. There were also incidences of the heating element falling off, due to rust formation around the nut that holds the heating element to the base.
bullet Though advertised as glass, purchasers found predominately clear plastic knobs on the pot's cover. The plastic knobs break easily. Instead of replacing just the knob itself, the whole cover must be replaced.

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(Apr 27, 2012) Anonymous said:

Bought this product in 2007 and it failed within a few months. Sent in for a replacement and that one also failed in 2009. Had to send it in for warranty work (at my expense because the company no longer contracts out local warranty service providers). They replaced a fuse and sent back the unit. Now it is 2012 and the percolator isn't working again. I'm giving up on this brand. Three failures in 5 years is unacceptable. Just bought a Hamilton Beach countertop coffee maker with a five year warranty.

I wrote to Cuisinart to complain but obviously customer service/support isn't their strong suit; neither is their percolator.

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