Bunn Home Coffee Maker Review: 8-Cup
Bunn #HT Phase Brew with Thermal Carafe

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8-Cup Bunn Home Coffee Maker
with Thermal Carafe
Bunn home coffee maker

red x Most people don't like it!

3.3 out of 5 stars 3.3/5 40 reviews

between $100 and $200 $100 to $200 USD

The 8 cup thermal model #HT is part of Bunn's "Phase Brew" line of Bunn home coffee makers.

Owners do like the flavorful and hot cup of coffee achieved by this brew technique. But overall opinion turns lukewarm due to complaints of brewer malfunction, and a thermal carafe that is a little hard to use.

Owners sum it up:

Add mine to the list that stopped working after 3 months ..........dbucci

...you can't beat this new technology. The hotter water and the delivery of the water to the grounds improve the taste of your coffee. ..........Eric H

Product Details

What is "Phase Brewing"?

water heating
Heating Water indicator during
the 6 minute heating phase

Old-school Bunn coffee makers remain powered "On" 24/7. They stay On to hold water near brew temperature for on-demand brewing.

Bunn's Phase Brew line is different. A Phase Brewer is turned On, and water heated only when it is time to brew, just most other drip brewers.

When the machine is powered on, Phase Brew technology kicks in.

In a traditional brewer, small batches of water are continuously heated and released over the ground coffee.

Small Pots

Four (5oz) cups is the minimum quantity that can be brewed in the Phase Brew line of Bunn home coffee makers.

But in Bunn's Phase Brew line, all of the water is heated to an optimal brewing temperature of about 200° F before any of it is released. Brewing takes place in two phases: a 6 minute heating phase, and a four minute brewing phase.

Brewing in a Bunn Home Coffee Maker

Bunn-o-Matic promotes the principles of Time, Temperature, and Turbulence as the basis for brewing in a Phase Brew Bunn home coffee maker.

Heated water exits the sprayhead
all at once, creating turbulence
  • Time: A 6 minute heating phase is followed by a 4 minute brew phase. Optimal flavor extraction and low bitterness result from using evenly heated water in a short brew cycle.
  • Temperature: 200° F is the #HT's brew temperature. All water is heating to this optimal brewing temperature before any is released to ensure even flavor extraction.
  • Turbulence: Instead of dripping in small amounts as it heats, all hot water flows from the sprayhead at once, creating turbulence in the brew funnel. Ground coffee and hot water mix and for complete saturation.


The 40 ounce non-removable water reservoir features a water fill window, easily visible on the front of the brewer. A "spin lid" swivels out of the way for easy pouring.

bunn features
spin lid and
water level indicator
stainless steel brew
basket with Bunn filter
8 Cup stainless steel
thermal carafe

The removable brew basket (or "brew funnel") is made of stainless steel. The #HT requires flat-bottomed Bunn brand paper filters. Bunn's branded filters are sized taller than regular flat-bottomed paper filters. Since the heated water is released all at once in the #HT, the extra height is important, as it helps prevent overflow.

The 8 cup stainless steel carafe is double-walled and vacuum sealed. The carafe is designed to keep coffee hot for 2 hours. To help pre-heat the carafe, the warming plate turns on during the 6 minute water heating phase. It turns itself off as soon as the brew phase begins.

The brew funnel is top rack dishwasher safe. Thermal carafe and carafe lid must be hand washed.

The #HT Bunn home coffee maker is warrantied for three years.


Bunn CLE
Time-to-clean indicator
reads "CLE"

The digital control panel allows you to set the clock and program the Auto-On function. An indicator light shows when Auto On has been set.

Digital Clock

The HT will not brew unless the clock has been set. Annoying for those who like to unplug the brewer after each use.

During the 6 minute heating phase, the control panel will indicate that water is heating.

Additionally, the control panel has a Clean indicator that flashes when brewer performance indicates it is time to descale.

Thermal coffee maker reviews
Bunn-o-matic coffee maker reviews

Product Specifications

Manufacturer Bunn-O-Matic Corporation
Website www.bunnathome.com
Model #HT
#HT(D) - high altitude
Avg Rating 3.3 stars 3.3 out of 5
Number of reviews 40
Price Range cost $100 to $200 dollars $100 to $200 USD
Max Cup 8
Programmable Y
Auto Off Y
Thermal Carafe Y
Pause & Serve N
Filter Type Bunn brand flat-bottomed cupcake style
Warranty 3 years

User Manual

Click image to view or download User Manual
pdf file Bunn HT Owner Manual

Pros and Cons - What Real Owners Like and Dislike

Overall consumers don't like it


bullet Owners are very pleased with the flavorful brew from this Bunn home coffee maker. Coffee tastes great, with no bitterness.
bullet Consumers are happy with both the brewing temperature and the holding the temperature. Some recognize it as the hottest coffee they've ever had from a home brewer. The thermal carafe keeps the coffee drinkably hot for 2 - 3 hours.
bullet The Phase Brew line is very good solution for consumers who have always wanted a Bunn brand coffee maker, but could not justify the 24/7 use of electricity. This is a Bunn that can be transported, too, since the water tank empties with each brew.
bullet Bunn offers excellent customer service. The company stands by the generous three year warranty. Owners who have need to contact Bunn rarely come away dissatisfied.


bullet Though the thermal carafe does a decent job at retaining heat, pouring is a source of irritation. Owners complain of unavoidable dribbles and drips. Like many thermal carafes, the HT's is designed with a very small opening. This makes it hard to decant all of the coffee, and hard to remove all water after cleaning.
bullet There were a surprising number of complaints of brewer failure. The unit would simply refuse to heat water after weeks or months of use. Unfortunately, owners would sometimes receive a warranty replacement unit that soon displayed the same problems. Owners who experienced this double-disappointment were really turned off.
bullet A few owners of the #HT Bunn home coffee maker reported problems with the sprayhead not saturating all of the grounds. This is especially surprising since the water is supposed to flood the coffee grounds all at once.
bullet The lack of a Brew Pause feature causes a problem for some, because there is nothing to stop coffee from dripping onto the warming plate once the carafe is removed. Even if you remove the brew funnel, the showerhead drips. And since the warming plate does heat up during the Water Heat phase, the drips end up burning onto the surface.

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(Apr 23, 2012) Dave J said:

For the first four weeks of ownership, I really loved this coffee maker. It makes strong coffee. Though I have not measured the temp myself, the coffee is hot enough to make me believe the claims of 200F. I usually only brew 4 cups at a time, and it did a fine job on those four cups. (Often larger coffee makers don't get hot enough when brewing less-than-full pots of coffee.) I was super happy with this purchase.

But at week 4, this Bunn DIED. It pretends like it wants to brew but the water will not heat up. I am working with Bunn for a repair or replacement. I must admit, Bunn customer service has been exemplary. But for something of this price, and having the Bunn name, to die at 4 weeks, is ridiculous.

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